First Few Days in Spain

Hello again everyone!

I arrived in Seville airport early on Wednesday morning after almost 24 hours of no sleep and lots of travel. The flights were long, like 6 hours for the overseas flight, and much shorter than the expected 9-10 hour over night flight. I initially met up with about five other students on the trip when I left Minneapolis International and we kept picking up more people along the way. By the time we reached Seville we had about ten people, some not even from our program, traveling as a group. It was nice to meet the others on the flight out here and also to make some friends from around the US also studying abroad here.

The first day was a little overwhelming and by the end of it I was so tired! Initially the language was really disorienting and difficult to pick up. I’m getting better though the longer I’m here. It’s only been like two days and I’m already able to converse a little better with my host family.

My host family all speak in Spanish around my roommate and I. I think they all speak english to varying degrees, but they want to help us practice our Spanish. To be honest, I can only really understand maybe 40% of all the words they say. That being said, I understand like 60-70% of what they’re trying to say. Like I don’t understand the whole sentence perfectly, but I get the topic and the importance of what they mean… At least I think 😅

So far we’ve traveled around a lot as a group with the other students who are on our trip. They say we should branch out and meet more locals or foreigners not from the US. It’s definitely a goal for me, but I think for the first couple weeks I really need to stay with the group to get acclimated to the culture and city. Once I’m more comfortable here I want to try and meet others.

Here are some pictures from my travels thus far:

Left: The Plaza de España.

Middle: Group photo with the girls at the Plaza de España.

Right: A pigeon decided to land on my head and stay there for like five minutes. We named him Stuart the Pigeon.

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