First Week of Classes


Some photos of my new School šŸ™‚

The first week of classes is just finishing up and so far so good. I think I’ll be switching around a couple of them but overall I’m really enjoying my classes. I find my Contemporary Spain class really interesting. It’s about well… contemporary Spain. Yesterday we learned about the Spanish civil war since so much of the current politics have roots in that conflict. It sounds like it had a really big impact on the country, as one would expect.

On Monday I spontaneously crashed a Flamenco dancing class. Don’t worry, we’re allowed to sit in on any class the first week in case we want to change them. In this case I think I will actually continue this one. It’s a four hour block class, which seems super long, but we learn so much fascinating stuff! In the first class alone I learned about the different regional styles of flamenco and the types of hand clapping and three different sets of dances. It’s so fun!


Looking forward to going to Granada this weekend. Waking up extra early tomorrow for registration then heading out on the bus at 11. I’m so excited to see the Spanish countryside. Maybe we’ll see some horses? Wish me luck!

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