Granada Trip

This weekend our group took a trip to Granada, which is about 2.5 hours by bus from Seville. The Spanish countryside is absolutely gorgeous. We saw mountains, plains, and areas that were almost arid enough to be a dessert. Some of the greener land reminded me a lot of Iowa.

The city of Granada is at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains so it was a bit colder than Seville. The first afternoon in the city we took a hike up to an outlook site in the old town area where we had beautiful. views of the Alhambra castle. Back in high school my Spanish teacher had a picture of the Alhambra in her classroom. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I always liked thought it was a beautiful castle and would doodle pictures of it on the back of my quizzes when I finished early. It was so cool to actually see it for real and learn about all of the history of the castle.

The second day in the city we dedicated most of the morning and early afternoon to touring the Alhambra. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this. There are three different palaces in the Alhambra complex. It’s essentially its own city within the larger city of Granada. The castle served first as the palace for the Moorish royal families and later was concurred by the Christians during the Reconquest. The throne room is the location where the Moorish king signed the document officially surrendering that part of Spain to King Ferdinand III. It’s also where Queen Isabella met with Christopher Columbus for the last time before he journeyed to the New World. There was amazing tile-work and carved wall designs throughout the building. And of course the decorative arches unique to the Moorish architectural style could be seem throughout the complex. Most if not all all of the gardens had some sort of water feature… I think I’m ranting. Sorry 🙂  It was just so interesting to learn about everything there.

Anyway, the trip was amazing and I think everyone really enjoyed it, myself included.

Some pictures of the Granada trip:

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