It’s been a while

Things I’ve done since I last posted:

-Gone to Malta and seen the Mdina (highly recommend)

-Been wind-blasted while riding a second story bus (highly don’t recommend, it was freezing)

-Got sick in Malta… yay

-Spent a week touring around Spain with my family

-Visited the Alhambra again, this time with my family

-Had Sangria in Granada, again with the family

-Saw the Roman ruins of Italica

-Successfully ordered a customized drink at Starbucks… in Spanish😎

-Got sick again… joy

And that’s about where I’m at right now. I’ll most likely be staying in Seville against this weekend. Super excited to relax and visit some cafes. Also, if you’re ever thinking of coming to Seville, I’d highly recommend trying an Açai bowl. They’re like açai smoothies, but slightly more frozen and with tons of delicious fruit piled on top.





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