The Morocco Trip

Last weekend I went with the SAIIE group to Morocco. We stayed at an older, but nice hotel that looked straight out of the 1960’s. It was an interesting place with cedar carved ceilings and glass-lantern lights.

The first day there we drove around the countryside to a small Atlantic coast town with white and blue buildings. We also saw the point that the Atlantic becomes the Mediterranean and road camels at stop along the way.

On Saturday we went to a mountain village called the ‘blue city’. Don’t ask me what the official name of the town was. I don’t remember how to pronounce it. The city was indeed painted vibrant whites and blues with narrow streets and market stalls throughout. Unfortunately I wore cloth shoes that day and it rained non-stop. And I left my umbrella at the hotel. Good times. That being said, the city was still gorgeous and I’d love to go back. Just maybe when it isn’t down pouring…

Later that afternoon we went to a carpet store in another mountain city. The carpets were beautiful and all hand made. The sore owner gave us a demonstration of various carpets, told us how they were made by hand, and then some of the students tried haggling prices. One of the students got a nice teal rug by telling the owner that she literally only had fifty euros with her. She ended up buying the rug for sixty and going into debt with a friend. Advice to those traveling to moroccan markets: bring plenty of money with you. Or don’t. They’ll get it all either way.

The last day, we saw the straight of Gibraltar. You can literally see Spain from morocco. I of a picture of it:


Other than that, all that really happened was that half of us lost the tour group and were lost in a market in Africa. Fun times.

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